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A company, which claims to be one of the best in its sector, needs textile enthusiasts with visions, ambition and first-class training. These kinds of textile specialists have been developing and producing innovative fabrics for more than 50 years by cultivating our wealth of ideas, our prized tradition, our progressive production equipment and the spirit of the times in our materials.

Philosophy ~ mainstays ~ traditional values ~ visions
Philosophy ~ mainstays ~ traditional values ~ visions

Our core expertise is our wealth of experience in different textile divisions and fields of application and this has grown over more than 50 years. That is precisely why our development and production specialists have a particularly broad range of expertise, which helps us to create innovative products and be one step ahead of our competitors; we then use this to help our customers move ahead successfully.
We consistently live out the corporate culture at our company, which has been managed by members of one family for 3 generations, with a special focus on these values:
reliability, flexibility, speed, friendly service, fairness, treating people with respect, social responsibility, meeting the highest quality standards with our commitment to producing goods in Germany, saving and maintaining the environment by making the best use of sustainable raw materials and bio-active production processes.

Innovative textiles
for the world of today
and tomorrow.
Innovative textiles  for the world of today and tomorrow.


Our innovative ability and boundless ambition are the source of our permanent development process. But we also enjoy a sense of satisfaction at receiving rewards and recognition that hard work is worthwhile.

Award for Outstanding Innovative Ability

German Economics Minister Michael Glos presented our company with the Upper Franconian Innovation Prize in 2008, the most valuable regional innovation prize in Germany

Innovationspreis Oberfranken Bundeswirtschaftsminister Glos bei der Überreichnung des Innovationspreises an FROHN.

German Economics Minister Michael Glos handing over the Innovation Prize to FROHN.

In his speech, he paid tribute to the extraordinary innovative expertise at our company. In the light of the tough competition in the global textile market, we are viewed as a model company, which is showing the way forward as it develops and manufactures forward-looking products that are relevant to the market based on its wealth of ideas.

Avantex Innovation Prize

Our company was awarded the internationally renowned Avantex Innovation Prize for product developments in the field of protective clothing in June 2009 during the Techtexeil/Avantex trade fair in Frankfurt.

Avantex-Innovationspreises Verleihung des Avantex-Innovationspreises

The presentation of the Avantex Innovation Prize.

SME Lion Prize

MittelstandslöweOur company was awarded the SME Lion Prize in the innovation category for the idea of developing high-resolution printed conveyor belts, which can be used for advertising purposes at supermarket checkouts.