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1. Fabrics for fashion

Fashion is supposed to fascinate people and trigger emotions and excitement.

Fabrics for fashion

Our fabrics for the fashion world enable us to express our ideas in a very varied manner and bring together our collections for each season to reflect the latest trends. Working closely with well-known clothing manufacturers, we also develop individual fabric themes. We are able to produce the most refined creations using our Jacquard weaving technology. We particularly specialise in making elastic yarns and fabrics with linen, gaberdine and coordinates for country-style fashion; we produce our single-coloured items in a huge range of shades.


2. Fabrics for home decor and furnishings

Fabrics for home decor and furnishingsFabrics for home decor and furnishings
Interior fabrics are an expression of a particular lifestyle; they are able to reflect the spirit of the times, but can also create dream worlds – for example, romantic cosiness with country-house flair or purism with the atmosphere of a loft apartment in Manhattan. The demand for style and the fashion in interior textiles change with the architecture, the vision of a building or the charm of a room. Fabrics can set the tone in a room, colours and designs can be an eye-catcher, but they can also be discrete and be integrated in the atmosphere without attracting excess attention. It is wonderful if they are there, because they create a sense of cosiness and not only enhance the aesthetics, but also the acoustics in a room. We stand out from the crowd with our sophisticated and fashionable decorative fabrics for homes and buildings and cultivate our wealth of ideas in a range of refined fabrics with a wide variety of designs, material uses, weaving technologies and finishing work; for example, our dobby and Jacquard woven decorative and transparent curtain materials can be printed, creased, embossed, flocked, knitted, sheared or trimmed.


Textiles for clinics, nursing homes, bed hygiene

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Our range of innovative textiles, which have outstanding specifications and the highest levels of comfort, play their role in treatments, nursing care, sleeping or wellness areas to improve the quality of life and are the result of our thorough development work and many years of experience.

Cotton with its natural, skin-friendly and climate-regulating character is our most important raw material for this purpose.
The non-chemical surface treatment for our yarns guarantees the best levels of skin-friendliness to promote patients’ health.

We also create moisture absorbing, impermeable and anti-bacterial properties in composite materials with breathable layers.

Our range of products for protecting mattresses is particularly extensive; the products are clinically tested and have proven to be excellent for bed hygiene in nursing homes or hotels – or even at home.

We can offer a service, which is unique as regards quality standards, reliability and accommodating individual customer wishes as a result of our fully integrated yarn production, finishing techniques and ready-to-wear clothing.

Summary of products

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Bed Pad
Incontinence Cover for Seats
Incontinence Cover for Beds
Incontinence Cover for Beds  

Dining Apron    

Moisture Protection/Allergy Prevention
Moisture Protection and  
Allergy Prevention
Flannel Mattress Topper
Flannel Mattress Topper  

New product series

MedyVit® - sensational textiles made of pure natural substances for increasing physical efficieny

The newest innovations of the FROHN HighTex Group even includes vegetable and other materials from nature. FROHN successfully integrated anorganic substances into textiles, which achieved sensational effects and a new product-family has been born: Beside of innovations for medical application (stop blooding within of seconds), which presently are in the phase of certificating, a further special product-group is in the phase of putting them on the market. These are textiles, which in tests could increase vitality, physical efficiency, power of concentration, sense of balance. It results from a harmonizising of body’s energystreamings, an absolutely natural effect, recognizable immediately at wearing the MedyVit® textiles, which are available as T-Shirt, Polyshirt, waistcoat, scarf and lounger-cover for therapeutic applications. The anorganic substances remain in the textiles permanently, even after washing. Applications: Sports, jobs with high physical/mental demands, drivers, seniors.


Multifunctional fabrics for protective clothing, industrial needs and special developments

Innovative technical textiles are one of the five strongest growth sectors around the globe, for the functional potential that can be achieved with textiles is almost boundless and it offers ideal development possibilities for creative people with visions.
Because of our very varied experience and expertise, we have managed to introduce new products, which are really sensational.
In the field of personal protective clothing, we are developing and making a very wide range of multi-functional, optically pleasing fabrics, which are comfortable to wear and meet standards, for well-known manufacturers of safety and industrial protective clothing according to different requirement specifications.

Our target groups

  • Fire brigades
  • Paramedics
  • THW – Germany’s disaster relief agency
  • Energy suppliers
  • Welders
  • Police
  • Military
  • Assembly workers
  • Various industrial applications

Functions of our fabrics

  • Fire and heat protection
  • High visibility
  • Anti-static protection
  • Arc flash protection
  • Chemical protection
  • Water and oil protection
  • Weather protection
  • Cutting und sting protectionz
  • Radiation protection

Our materials

Our finishing techniques

  • Hydrophilic equipment
  • Sanforizing
  • Calandering
  • Softening treatment
  • Napping
  • Shearing, singeing


Outstanding innovations

Fire-proof high-visibility fabric in the hi-vis colours: bright yellow and bright orange

Feuerfeste Warnschutz-Gewebe in den Hi-Vis Farben Leuchtgelb und LeuchtorangeFeuerfeste Warnschutz-Gewebe in den Hi-Vis Farben Leuchtgelb und Leuchtorange
After very thorough development work, we are the only company in the world that has managed to manufacture the newest generation of fire-proof fabrics from 100% meta-aramid (NOMEX©) in a highly visible bright yellow and have uniquely managed to fulfil the following standards: EN ISO 20471, DIN EN 469, DIN EN 1149-5, DIN EN ISO 11612 and DIN EN 13034.

We have also managed to make other bright colours using 100% Protex Q (MAC/CO) so that we are even able to offer highly visible bright orange.
We have developed a few other options for this, which not only comply with EN ISO 20471, but also DIN EN ISO 11612, DIN EN 1149-5 and DIN EN ISO 11611.

Our patented innovation plays a fundamental role in improving the protection for life and limb anywhere where fire protection and high visibility clothing are required in dangerous situations.

Arc flash protection (according to DIN EN 61482-1-2, Class 2) through weight-saving fabrics for just 1-layer fabrication

StörlichtbogenschutzUsing a special fibre, we have developed a fabric, for which a patent has been applied for and which even meets the DIN EN 61482-1-2, Class 2 standard; when compared to other current alternatives, it saves weight and costs as it makes double-layer fabrication unnecessary.

Conveyor belts with an advertising message in supermarkets

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Our company has developed a new idea and launched a world first for the advertising sector – a new kind of product called PROMOTION BELT®. It has already attracted great interest from customers in more than 40 countries.
A patented, printed conveyor belt with a textile element has been created as a composite material with a special plastic, which, in contrast to traditional, unsightly black till belts, is not only scratch-resistant, hygienic and attractive, but also provides highly efficient advertising at the POS. Statistical assessments from surveys about this new kind of advertising medium have provided sensational results in terms of efficiency and the recall effect of advertising messages at till belts.
The overall concept has become so huge that we have set up an independent company based abroad to sell, organise and service PROMOTION-BELT®; the company consists of a network of partner firms.